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The year was


A young entrepreneur, J.S. Gill set up Royal Sporting House and grew it to become Asia’s leading fashion, sports, active lifestyle and golf retailer and distributor. At the time he relinquished control, the company had a portfolio of 65 Brands and 1,150 stores across 12 countries with a sales over USD 1 billion.


Fast forward to


Leveraging his wealth of knowledge and experience, GILL CAPITAL was set up to build enduring relationships and foresee future trends. With a portfolio of eight compelling brands across five countries in Asia, GILL CAPITAL truly embraces the new retail, where aesthetics and technology blends with lifestyle.

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Building on the lustrous past of 45 years, GILL CAPITAL is propelling the business forward in exciting ways and we are just getting started!

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Anchored around Innovation, Disruption and Intuition; we see business potentials take shape. In the most perfect way.