The right way to Have Sex on your own Period

Having sex on your own period could sound like a bad idea but it’s a great way to have some fun together with your partner. Period sex provides the potential to be considered a messy affair so ensure that you prepare.

You need to use a number of methods to deal with the menstrual bloodstream. For example , you may try using a menstrual glass or perhaps tampon to limit its flow. Other choices include penile contraceptive sponges or pads. In case you opt for a pad, you should remove it just before you have your period.

The best standing to have sexual intercourse on your period is on your own back. This will minimize how much blood that may enter the bedding. Using a hand towel as a obstacle will also stop any clutter.

A clitoris is a part of the uterus that sits away from vagina. Although it is not the largest organ in the body, it plays an enormous role in penetrative sexual activity.

You might want to consider using a sexual intercourse blanket for anyone who is feeling extra saucy. Sexual blankets wedge wafting odours and can also be machine washed.

Several charging a good idea to obtain a toy that is certainly hygienic. Buying a sex toy using a water-based lubricant will increase it is longevity.

Another good idea is to take a sexy shower. Not only will it decrease the chaos, it will raise the likelihood that you will have a good time.

Be sure to do a little homework about your menstrual cycle. Some people contain reported heightened libido during this time for the month. Make certain to speak with your doctor to discuss any kind of issues you might have.